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Powder Coating Services

Bayless Engineering offers complete Powder Coating services in our state-of-the-art facility.

Our production line consists of a four-stage parts washer, four powder spray stations and a curing oven.  Parts travel through the process on an automated variable-speed 600 foot conveyer.

Parts Cleaning

We start by cleaning your parts.  We offer both chemical and sandblast cleaning to meet your needs. We use only conditioned reverse-osmosis water to ensure your parts have an ideal surface to which the finish will firmly bond.

The cleaning and rinse solutions are frequently tested to ensure that optimum conditions exist when your parts are processed.

Our system electronically monitors the cleaning and phosphatizing solutions, automatically dispensing chemicals to maintain the proper balance.

After parts are washed, phosphatized and prepared for coating, they are given an ultra-clean rinse. 

The preliminary steps taken to clean your parts ensure that our powder coating provides the maximum protection from the elements.  In April 2002 we installed a sand blast booth to satisfy your demand for full-service capabilities.

We also have a Burn-off oven, now we can safely remove old and discolored finishes from your parts without using abrasives.

Powder Coating

Then parts receive an electrostatic charge that causes the powder to be drawn to the surface and to firmly adhere once attached.  Our spray-to-waste booths allow quick color changes to save you money on shorter production runs while our spray-to-reclaim booths allow the over-sprayed powder to be reclaimed on larger production runs.  This results in a lower cost to produce your part.

State-of-the-art electronic controls maintain wash temperatures, water flow, moisture venting, conveyer speed and stable oven temperatures to ensure a consistent and durable cure.

We also have a stand-alone spray booth and oven for batch processing and oversize parts or other products that would not be suitable to produce on a conveyer system.

Silk Screening

Experience the advantage of having your parts chemically cleaned, sandblasted if necessary, powder coated and then silk-screened with your company logo and other information with only one phone call.  Let us be your source for one-stop-shop for all your part-finishing needs.

Bayless Engineering can do it all, call us today!

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